What does the steel building kit price include?
      Are there any extra costs?
      Are your shed kits easy to build?
      What are delivery details when I order my shed?
      Do I need Council Approval?
      Does my building require Maintenance?
      What wind rating is my shed?
      Can I have a building designed to my own Specification?
      What is the Lasting Quality of your building?
      Do you have Finance Facilities for buying a shed?
      Are Sambec Enterprises Pty Ltd registered builders?
      Does SambecSheds offer a complete design and construction service?
      What is a Portal Frame?
      What is the difference between a "Skillion" and a "Gable" roof?
      What materials do you use?
      What standard features do you offer?
      What additional options do you offer?
      Do you have standard building dimensions?
      Can SambecSheds erect our shed?
      What are my basic site requirements?
      What work is NOT undertaken during construction?
      Can I build on a boundary line?
      Do I need to obtain a Town Planning Permit?
      Who arranges the "Final Inspection" of my building?
      Do you build on footings or a slab?
      What are the payment terms?
      What type of warranty do you offer?
      What makes a SambecSheds building different from the rest?